Guy Continues Crazy Tinder Freakout

Guy Continues Crazy Tinder Freakout

This Creep Offended A Girl towards Canceling Their Tinder Date… subsequently Went 110% Bonkers

The Story

So you fit with a lady on Tinder, and you also begin talking. You hit it well — its an actual dialogue, not simply monosyllabic grunts and emoji and looooooong intervals of silence. Circumstances appear to be heading well, you build a romantic date. 

And after that you make an off-color joke that she doesn’t simply take really. So badly, actually, that she cancels the date. Harsh. 

What do you do after that? Really, thankfully, some dude available to you has given you the precise perfect playbook for what doing, after imgur individual msmessyclean published screenshots of the ill-fated convo. Take a good look at this mess and watch the insane bloom from a spark into a raging insanity blaze.

The Snapshot

The Lesson

Basically, the takeaway from any ridiculous Tinder freakout boils down to this: avoid being batpoop insane. Often you just need to take the L, move ahead and hold swiping. But you will find several damn great concrete takeaways:

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